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Christian Authors Roundtable

Avid readers and writers are welcome to a free Christian Authors Round Table featuring eight NE Authors. The Authors will speak on their writing processes and their featured books and there will be a Q & A session with the authors. Autographed copies of books will be available for purchase, credit cards accepted and gift wrapped copies available. Light refreshments will be served. Read more about the authors and their works here. 



About Ellie: One of Ellie’s major writing goals has been to make scriptural principles understandable and relevant for today’s readers through the undeniable power of story. And when you’ve lived a few years, you store up long-ago memories—playing cowboys and Indians, collecting tinfoil for the war effort, driving a pony to a red ribbon, getting married and pregnant soon after, and finally, enjoying the pleasures of kids, grandkids, and authoring. Add gardening, house construction, tree farming, and loving on people—all of which bring color and humor to her fiction.

Ellie’s Featured Work: An Unpresentable Glory: A noted gardener from Westchester County in New York, finds a stranger, obviously ill, sprawled near her delphiniums. She takes him into her house and cares for him for an entire week and only later learns his identity. An investigative reporter uncovers the secret week, and both the woman and her guest become a spectacle in the eyes of the world.


About John: John F. Harrison has been a minister, a musician, a business owner, and an author. He’s still happily involved in three out of four of those pursuits, and greatly misses his music. His biggest ambition is to get up eight times after falling down seven. John chronicles the tribulations and triumphs of deeply flawed people, because he knows no other kind. He lives in the Boston area.

John’s Featured work: Fighting Back is not your grandpa’s Christian fiction. It’s bracing, brutally honest, and there’s not a bonnet in sight. When Eddie Caruthers comes to the aid of a friend being harassed on the street, his good deed backfires. Friends, family, and church all condemn his actions. Even worse, the man he confronted is bent on revenge, and innocent people become collateral damage in an undeclared war.



About Clarice: Clarice writes smart, fun, relatable contemporary women’s fiction. Her books including Party of One, Double Header, and Manhattan Grace. Her fourth novel, The Girl He Knew, is scheduled to be released in 2019 by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. She and her husband Ralph D. James, a short story author, live in southern New Hampshire. Together, they have five married children and ten grandchildren. When Clarice isn’t writing, she’s reading, encouraging fellow writers, or organizing multiple author events.

Clarice’s Featured Work: Manhattan Grace is a work of contemporary women’s fiction. Drama, romance, humor, and skullduggery ensue when an aspiring actress becomes a nanny in Manhattan, where her path crosses with a Messianic rabbi who mentors her, a seven-year-old who challenges her, and a jewel thief who fools them all.


About Ralph: Long ago, a high school creative writing teacher told Ralph he had an excellent grasp of the absurd. In 2014, while creating sample blog templates to show writers how he could help them promote their work, he wrote several paragraphs in different genres to go with his templates. His lovely bride Clarice suggested he expand one of them into a short story. The rest is history.

Ralph’s Featured Work: Premium Mixed Nuts: An Anthology -- What do a dead grizzly bear, a homicidal mule, a monkey, a pink concrete truck and a crooked politician have in common? These and five more tall tales and contemporary stories come from the slightly bent imagination of Ralph D. James.


About Jeremiah: Jeremiah has been a pastor with the Primitive Methodist Church of the USA since 1979. He serves in the New Hope Church in Methuen, MA. Over the years, he's been a guest speaker at many youth retreats and rallies. He’s known for his skillful storytelling and has previously appeared in local theater productions. He and his wife Jodie raised six children and now enjoy their ten grandchildren.

Jeremiah’s Featured Work: A Message to Deliver: (General Fiction) – A woman, sent to deliver a message from God, confronts the secrets buried in her own past. Does she have what it takes to deliver this message? Is God’s love and forgiveness enough to cover her sins?


About Toby: Four years at West Point, over twenty years in the Infantry, and over twenty years of Christian ministry form the foundation of Lt. Toby Quirk’s inspiration to write. After receiving his commission in the Infantry, he married his wife Linda and began life as an Army officer. In 1993, he retired and entered pastoral ministry with the Assemblies of God. Toby is also a professional Life Coach and Seminar Speaker.

Toby’s Featured Work: Proof Through the Night is a supernatural thriller which offers hope to an outraged generation by revealing the unseen powers bent on destroying this sweet land of liberty. Sandy Baker’s heart is shattered. But she’s a warrior. Driven by a perverted patriotic zeal, the Directorate is in control all the nation’s most influential institutions. Their deranged strategies have led to Sandy’s war.  



About Lori: Disturber of hobbits. Making comfortable Christians continually late for dinner. Blogger. Wife. Mother. Part-time dragon slayer. Not available for children's parties. Lori has Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Biblical Studies as well as extensive experience with families in crisis and at-risk youth. She’s followed Jesus into numerous adventures and hasn’t been bored for a single moment of it.

Lori’s Featured Work: Red Pen Redemption. What if God took you up on a dare? Helen Bancroft’s led a good life and feels no need for her daughter’s Savior. When God accepts Helen's dare to edit her autobiography and prove her righteousness, she’s in for a lesson in her own history. One woman’s journey from unbelief to acceptance turns into the Christmas Eve adventure of a lifetime beneath the red pen of Christ’s mercy and grace.


About Forshia: A licensed and ordained minister, Pastor Forshia Ross is the founder and director of Treasures from the Heart Ministry. She has a television and radio program, which gives practical Biblical insight for daily living. Her website, treasuresfromtheheart.org is reaching around the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Forshia’s Featured Work: No Secondhand Rose -- Do you ever question your place in this world? Have you struggled to measure up to your own expectations and those of loved ones? Do your emotions ever threaten to overwhelm you? You are not alone. Forshia Ross has traveled this path and understands the turmoil that you feel. Walk with her through this book as she candidly shares her hospital experience and painful battle for emotional wholeness.


Saturday, December 1, 2018
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